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Build your wealth with the investment strategy with the greatest returns – Residential Property

We work with everyday mum and dad investors. When we calculate how much they would need to save every month in order to be financially independent the average amount is $10,000 per month!

Most people wouldn’t be able to save that amount of money. In short, Kiwis can’t save their way to retirement. For most, it’s an impossible mission.

Residential property investment is a ‘leveraged strategy’ that enables you to and grow your wealth exponentially and lower the amount needed out of your pocket towards a savings plan.

Leveraging Into Property

How does a residential property investment strategy work?

Borrowing to invest into residential investment property is what’s known as a ‘leveraged strategy’. This means you are making a large amount of growth on money you have borrowed from the bank – money you didn’t have to save from your income.

For example if you borrow $500,000 and invest it in property for 10 years and that $500,000 grows at 5% per annum – that compounds over 10 years and is savings for you. The capital gain in this scenario is over $300K! That’s pure growth – not a figure you had to save. This is wealth going towards your retirement saving strategy.

By the way, property has grown closer to 10% per annum over the last 50 years in NZ. So, we are being conservative when we say 5% as above.

Why use an adviser to help you with your residential property investment strategy?

Property investment involves assets worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and does come with risk if it’s not set-up correctly.

As property investment experts we will help you analyse the best investment options for you. We can find properties that will make you money and make your life as a landlord as easy as possible by connecting you with the right people to support you on your investment journey. .

Our role is to minimise the mistakes that are so often made when people try to DIY their residential property investment strategy.

How ‘groups’ can invest into property
Buying Investment Property at Retirement Age

What is the process?

The first step we take is to establish financial feasibility and develop your investment strategy.

The next step is to support you through the pre-approval process with the bank. This will determine how much money you can actually invest.

From there we provide a property search and analysis service. During this process we find a property that fits your specific financial position and goal. We do this in areas where you can get the right rental yield – those earmarked for growth over time. We also make sure the investment can be structured properly for tax benefits.

The next step is a property investment analysis report – this is where we introduce the property to you and run you through the numbers.

Finally we facilitate the purchase process with the bank and lawyer.

How do I get started with residential property investment?

If you own your own home and have a stable income you are probably in a good position to invest in residential property.

Book a consultation with us to determine whether a residential property investment strategy is right for you.

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