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If you’re sitting on $50,000 or more and you want to invest it either to generate an income or build your wealth for retirement – managed funds are a solid option.

What are managed funds?

A managed fund is an extremely diversified way to invest your money. It’s like a basket of thousands of different assets that include cash, bonds, property, shares, and commodities.

Managed Funds – The What and How

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Different types of managed funds for different stages of life

There are many kinds of managed funds structures. These range from high growth funds which invest in more volatile but profitable assets right through to the more conservative, lower risk types of assets that mature over time.

The type of managed fund that your money is placed in depends on three factors – your age, your risk profile, and your monetary goals.

The older you are the more risk averse we are with the types of investments we include in your managed funds.

If you’re younger we typically invest in the higher risk but higher reward asset classes.

We proactively manage this type of investment and look to rebalance your managed fund every 12 to 18 months. As you age we move away from the more volatile investments.

How safe is my money?

There is no such thinking as 100 percent safety when you’re investing.That is even true with putting your money into a savings account in the bank.

However, with managed funds we are investing your money across all asset classes all around the world – there is extreme diversification and therefore a spread of risk. The probability of thousands of assets all failing all at once is extremely unlikely. This diversification serves to protect your capital cross well-chosen and analysed investment asset selection.

How do I get started with managed funds?
If you’ve got over $50,000 to invest we will assess your goals and make a recommendation on the right managed fund allocation for you.

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