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Making a comfortable retirement a reality

Far too many Kiwis retire dead broke.

We’re here to help you retire well.

Lead by experienced, Authorised Financial Adviser, Daniel Carney – the Goodlife team develops innovative financial products and services to make sure our clients thrive financially in retirement.

"Always a pleasure dealing with the team. If i have any questions they are dealt with very quickly, while also educating me!" - Darren

Meet the Team

The heart and soul of Goodlife Financial Advice has always been the people, and we are dedicated to maintaining the core values of the original brand as they develop innovative financial products and services to meet the current conditions.

Daniel Carney

Financial Adviser - Investment & Mortgage Specialist & Managing Director

Margot Carney

Para-Planner & Key Account Manager

Becca Batistich

Lending Manager

Lillian Consalves

Client Coordinator

Vincent Rayneau

Senior In-Home Consultant

Katie English

In-Home Consultant (Bay of Plenty)

Take the uncertainty out of your retirement.
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