Lots of people worry about growing older, but who else gets the chance to leave work, travel at a whim and enjoy bacon and eggs at half price?

Of course, retirement isn't all vacations and senior discounts, it's also about planning. With that in mind, it's probably time you started thinking about your post-work life.

How much cash do I need?

Answering this question can be tricky. People are living longer than ever, and depending on the type of lifestyle you want to live, the figure you need to save for a comfortable retirement can fluctuate considerably.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that it's always better to overcompensate than be too conservative. Some people say money is the root of all evil, but they've obviously never enjoyed their retirement on a sunny beach with fancy cocktail in hand.

Where's my moola coming from?

Chances are you're depending on a pension, as well as whatever you have stashed away in your KiwiSaver account.

However, as all too many Kiwis have found, stretching this money throughout your retirement is much easier said than done. 

Have you considered other ways to bring in money during retirement? For instance, becoming the owner of an investment property in New Zealand can provide you with steady cash flow, as well as give you a job to do.

Then again, if playing landlord isn't really your style, you can always hire a property manager to oversee your investment.

Plan for your legacy

It may not be the most sunny part of retirement planning, but thinking about your estate and how it will be divided after you're gone is essential.

You want to make sure your loved ones are taken care of, and focusing on creating trusts and wills, as well as obtaining the right life insurance, can help give you peace of mind.

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