Many people aren't sure how to plan for their retirement. But when you take initiative and set a plan in place with the right help along the way, you can find yourself feeling comfortable for the future – no matter when you start.

That's what happened with Malia Macleod, a current Goodlife client who says "it is never too late to plan for your future".

Malia's story

Malia's initial savings strategy was inspired by the wise words of her father and grandmother, taught from a young age: "Save the pennies, and the pounds will take care of themselves".

She kept to this advice, and bought her first St Heliers home two years ago at auction.

"It was the most nerve wracking thing I've done in my life," Malia says.

But this was only just the beginning of her financial plan.

Malia was referred to Goodlife by John Kenel from Assured Property Investments to get advice on purchasing a rental unit in Hamilton for investment.

"I met with Daniel [Carney] early one Saturday morning and he explained to me the concepts of wealth creation through property ownership."

"The light bulb went off for me again during this conversation, as the goals and values of Goodlife resonated with everything I was personally trying to achieve."

With Goodlife by her side and a viable plan of action in place, Malia signed a sales and purchase agreement on the Hamilton home. Unfortunately, her financing fell through with two banks, which Malia accredits to "a cautious banking system uneducated in this type of high yield income stream scenario".

However, as we always say, patience is key – which is why Goodlife works with clients through thick and thin to help them secure great property and generate wealth.

"I wasn't deflated for too long before Daniel arranged for me to meet yet another astute developer to show me a property in Manurewa​." This second property was in Malia's price range and was more suited to her financial situation and personal goals.

"I signed on the spot after much deliberation, and fortunately my bank financed [the purchase] 100 per cent based on the equity I had built in my St Heliers home."

But what was it that could get Malia to sign up for the home on the spot like that?

"The house is basically a brand new home, now that it has been transformed from a relatively run down old house built in 1983."

"I like that it is freehold with no Body Corp and has a shared section of land… I particularly like the high yield of rent it attracts at $470 per week for an area that could perhaps be snubbed at. So even though the rent is high, the property was extremely affordable and still technically in Auckland proper."

Now Malia enjoys rental income from her investment and doesn't want to stop there, planning to purchase at least another two properties with Goodlife before she retires. So what does she think is the secret to making this kind of successful investment?

"I believe timing is essential. I have been fortunate to make sound decisions based on receiving and using the great advice given to me at crucial, defining moments. Goodlife is instrumental in this strategy."

By working with clients every step of the way, Goodlife helps to create sound investment portfolio options that can carry clients like Malia comfortably into retirement.

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