The people we deal with at Goodlife are all at different points in their property investment journey. Some we help with a strategy from scratch, while others are quite switched on, and we just give help when they need it.

Phil Glass is in this latter category. A head of mathematics and hostel master, he has lived on campus for 13 years, which has enabled him to make great savings and move forward with property investment.

He began working with Gary Hodgson of Money Smart (our former name) when he saw an Anzac Avenue apartment, and thus a fruitful relationship began. 

"As well as a qualified mathematics teacher, I was also a chartered town planner in a previous life, so I know a little bit about cities and a hell of a lot about apartments. I felt Auckland was massively under-invested in for apartments, and I saw the population flow, and decided to go in and buy off the plan".

"Gary suggested ways I could borrow money. Through him I used Sovereign, a money lender, to buy my properties, which I wouldn't have done without Gary's involvement. That's where I started with investment property."

Phil says it was Gary's honesty and forthrightness that lead him to continue working with us. "He had connections to Australia, and I have an intense interest there, so we connected. I told him my intention was to one day have a dual residence while a pensioner. I ran this past Gary and he was remarkably open, and said we would work towards getting as much investment and credit behind me as possible".

"Other companies might do regular reviews that suck money out of you, but working with [Goodlife] meant reviews that were free. They are a family-oriented company with the clients' heart near their heart, which many companies do not come across with". 

Phil is definitely someone who has landed on his own two feet and made great plans towards structuring his own financial independence. Even so, getting the right property investment advice can still be a great step when you want some backing before you buy – even if it's at the very last minute! 

"I was heading overseas and said [to Goodlife] I needed to buy another property," recounts Phil.  "Over a few weeks we mutually agreed on a property to invest in. I left the country on October 1, and at 11:15pm on September 30 I was finalising paperwork with them. That is the way they work – they are incredibly adaptable and work for my best interests."

"Goodlife know the hours I keep, and will work around me. I would see Daniel Carney for 7am meetings, and this was no big deal for him".

We love to work with great people and help them on the path to financial independence – no matter where they stand financially. We love what Phil has done and are happy to help him out where we can – and it's great to see that admiration reciprocated. 

"I have a lot of respect for the company and I see Gary almost as like family, and Daniel comes across that way too".  

"In a world where many people have lost their livelihoods, it is great dealing with people who are honest and see what I am trying to do, and work with me rather than advise against me".

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