Building your financial independence through property investment in New Zealand is a great way to prepare yourself for later life. Its stability and familiarity was what attracted our fantastic client Gretchen Spalinger to work with us over the last four years, forming a great financial plan. Together we have helped her reach a point that will be the envy of many people nearing retirement – and one that anyone can work towards, even if you feel like financial independence is a long way off. Just ask Gretchen!

"When I first came to see Goodlife, I didn't know how to get out from debt. Now I am in debt, but I know where I am going with it – I have my future planned," she says.

"I know that when I want to retire, I am financially secure in doing it. I have a far better understanding of where my money goes, how I use it, how much I need to live, and how to make the most of it," she says.

As Gretchen's experience shows, even if you feel the weight of debt and think you don't have a way out, reaching out to advisers like us can be a great step. 

Gretchen started out seeking financial advice from people who simply weren't sympathetic with her position: "[I] found that they had no interest in me as I had debt. One of them said to me that I had to have a couple hundred thousand to get their help, but I didn't have 20 dollars to lose."

"If you have any spare cash and want to make the most of it, you need need to see someone who deals on your particular level".

"But then I heard that Goodlife dealt with small scale investors, so I went to see them and was very impressed. They spent a long time going through all my assets, all my income, all my debt, where I spent my money, and what my goals were". No matter your situation, we are happy to help work through your current finances and work out a way forward – all the way to financial independence through property.

Why property, though? Well according to Gretchen, it's a matter of investing where you feel secure: "I don't understand stocks. For me buying stocks and having it affected by a world event I know nothing about feels risky to me all the time."

"However with a rental property, I understand the house. I understand valuations and repairs and income – it is solid, comprehensible and comfortable".

No matter your situation, it's important to formulate a sound financial plan that caters to both your income and your needs. By getting yourself into a state of financial independence, you don't have to rely on a pension or super for your income – you will have done it yourself! This is the position Gretchen now finds herself in, thanks to some sound strategising – something she didn't think was possible a few yew years ago.

"Those of us who don't have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spare, who are working full time, have families to raise and can only gather small amounts need to know how to best make use of that."

"Many people don't think they have anything to invest, but actually do. [Goodlife] can teach people how to use their money in a great way, and in a way they are comfortable with".

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