Investing in real estate is not something that most of us do every day – so even if you are already starting to build your property portfolio, you can benefit from the advice of a trusted expert.

After all, the market can change considerably from month to month and year to year. Add fluctuating property values and changing tenant demands to the mix and even seasoned investors may have questions about their next move in the real estate market.

However, there are some things you can do to ensure that you make sound investment decisions that will continue to pay off for years.

Set goals

Your real estate adviser should underscore the importance of goals from the outset. After all, if you have an idea of where you would like to be financially in the future, you can work with your adviser to plan how you will get there.

Manage your emotions

When you purchase an investment property, you need to approach the process differently than when you buy property to live in.

A trusted professional adviser can help you remove your emotions from the decision​-making process so that you can make smart choices in line with your financial goals.

Ask questions

When it comes to real estate investment, nobody expects you to be an expert! Even if you have previously purchased a New Zealand investment property, you may still have questions about the process, or you might wonder about expanding your options in a new city.

This is why finding the right real estate investment adviser is crucial – you will want a trusted professional you can rely on for information and support through every stage of the process.

Here's to your financial independence!

Daniel Carney
Authorised Financial Adviser / Investment Property Expert

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