How was your year? We hope you got great property investment advice and took some strong steps toward your own financial independence. And if not, there is always time to do just that. By setting your savings and investment goals clearly and sticking to well-tailored plan, you can find that no matter what your financial situation, there's a way to make great gains through property.

On a nationwide scale, it seems that New Zealand has had quite a good year. In fact, the Westpac economic overview for the past year came with the title "The Great Houdini" for the loopholes it jumped through to come out in such a good position!

This is because despite dairy having a less than ideal year, other aspects of the market have performed admirably – including property. Real estate values continue to rise in Auckland and throughout areas like Hamilton, according to Real Estate Institute of New Zealand numbers. This makes them prime locations for property investment in New Zealand.

The Westpac report also notes that GDP grew 0.7 per cent to November, which is slower than in 2013 but still positive. Dominick Stephens, Chief Economist at Westpac thinks that mortgage rates may rise in the near future, making the last year a particularly good one. 

However, we think there is more to it than that. A good year in general, just like a bad year in general, doesn't have to apply to everyone who is in the market. By talking to professional, certified advisers about your finances and what to do with them, we believe anyone is capable of generating financial independence. You just have to be smart with the economic conditions that surround you. 

So have a great holiday period, and remember to talk to us about your property investment plans for 2015. 

Here's to your financial independence!

Daniel Carney
Authorised Financial Adviser / Investment Property Expert

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