Preparing yourself for financial independence through property investment in New Zealand is a long process. While capital gains can be steady, they take a long time to pull together and create something you can live off without relying on a job or a pension. That is why paying attention to infrastructure projects that may spur growth is a good idea – it can highlight where values and rents may increase down the line.

More schools, more growth

In a January 23 statement, Associate Education Minister Nikki Kaye announced $650 million for new schools and infrastructure right across the country – including in and around Auckland. Schools are high on the list of priorities for families searching for property, so investment in real estate near a growing school can be a surefire way to make great gains. 

Kaye noted the the Auckland population was growing at a rate of knots, so engaging an Authorised Financial Adviser to help you find property in areas where schools may be popping up or getting a makeover is a great idea. 

Linking up the country

Meanwhile, Transport Minister Simon Bridges said back in December that $38.7 billion is going to be spent on transport in the next decade – more money than most of us can comprehend! It will go to road maintenance, public transport, regional road networks and even cycle paths. 

These links look like they will be spread all over. Monitoring long term projects such as this is a great way to identify growth areas for the future.

Of course, remember that there is no one quick fix to setting yourself up through property investment. You need to assemble a team of qualified and trusted advisers who can help you out on a wide range of issues, and slowly build your way towards a fantastic property portfolio. 

Here's to your financial independence!

Daniel Carney
Authorised Financial Adviser / Investment Property Expert

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