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Robert & Rhonda Kelsey

We were introduced to Goodlife in 2009 and that has started an ongoing relationship. Although a little daunting in the beginning, the professionalism and patience shown by Rebecca and Daniel made everything flow very smoothly. We now have in place a varied portfolio which includes properties and investments, tailored to your needs for a secure retirement. Nothing is ever too much trouble for any of the staff and we feel “very looked after”. We would have no hesitation at all in recommending Goodlife to prospective clients and we look forward to our future relationship

Marian & Danuta


Goodlife was recommended to us by a real estate agent when we started to expand our knowledge about property finance. Our adviser was very informative and presented us with a number of options, each with a planned result outcome. His patience and professionalism in explaining each of the options in plain language was invaluable and this made us feel comfortable to make an informed decision – one that has progressed and prospered financially, without changing our lifestyle. We’ve recommended Goodlife’s services to our adult children and their families, and our friends.

Alan & Nicola


We discussed our financial situation with Goodlife as part of the investment property process. Many options and considerations were presented by the financial adviser and although slightly daunting at first, a clearer picture evolved including a balanced mix of investment. A programmed investment and management process that we have control of, and a banking system, has been geared to our needs. They arranged appropriate finance to kick-start our investment portfolio and monitored the progress. We recommend this team of advisers to anyone contemplating an investment decision.



Goodlife has helped educate us to invest in our future wealth. While achieving our goal they helped us get protection which covers us against the odds of over-exposure to risk. They provided me with a lender which I couldn’t find for my second investment and provided access to other parties involved in investment, setting up a personal investment portfolio for me. I look forward to working with them in the future.

Scott & Kiri

Mt Maunganui

We knew what we wanted financially and tried to have-a-go at getting there but were full of un-guided investment enthusiasm! We lacked investment ‘know-how’ and direction. The best way was to utilise the people at Goodlife Financial Advice. They have helped us put an objective plan together and into action. They’ve successfully channeled our investing enthusiasm into an effective strategy that is exceeding our goals, and provide us with ongoing support and advice in all of our financial decisions.

Paul & Yvonne


My wife and I had no clear direction or way to meet our present and future financial demands until Goodlife gave us a very detailed and easy plan to help us reach our goals. We’ve found them to be extremely thorough and professional, and knowing we have a plan in place for the future lets us rest-easy at nights. We have no hesitation in recommending prospective clients and look forward to a continued relationship for many years to come.

Rhys & Leani


Our adviser clearly illustrated the best path forward with a range of options and outcomes that applied specifically to us. We chose a pathway we were comfortable with and the advice was implemented without significant change to our lifestyle. The general public could profit immensely from the knowledge, if the average teenager was taught what we learned in three short meetings, there’d be a lot more debt-free home owners in New Zealand before the age of 30.

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