A large number of our clients have purchased residential investment property in Tuakau in the last two years. To the uninitiated, this might seem like an ‘interesting’ move, to the savvy investor, this is what we would call a wise move!

Why Tuakau?

Tuakau used to be a service town for the wider rural area. Built to support the local farming community, it’s where many of the local (well-paid) steel-mill employees live. It has some very exciting plans on the horizon and the good news is – there’s plenty of land to build on – and it’s cheap! The potential for growth goes up when you’re able to buy and build at these cheaper rates. The interesting thing is that investors think the rents in Tuakau won’t fetch anywhere near where they fetch in Auckland suburbs – Not true – Rents in Tuakau are almost on par with Auckland. This spells excellent rental yields for investors!

Huge commercial and residential growth is predicted for the area. As far as I understand (at the time of writing), Hewlett Packard were seriously looking into building a Data Centre there. Whether that’s true or not – Taking a trip to Tuakau and speaking to the locals, you get the feeling that something special is on the horizon here.

And that’s what we particularly look for for clients – That ‘X Factor’ that makes certain areas more desirable than others.

In the last two years that we’ve been recommending residential investment property in Tuakau, we’ve seen right before our very eyes, the growth in residential values in the area. The likelihood of capital gains is greater than big brother Pukekohe.

All in all – we’re not shying away from Tuakau – we’re embracing it – and so are our clients!

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