Life Risk Insurance

Goodlife work with a network of industry leading professionals in the area of Accounting, Tax Management, and Personal and Business Risk management. We can introduce you to our team of external advisers to assist in advising you and your family on how to make the best decisions, with the best structures, suitable to your individual needs.

I need insurance that will protect me and my family

“One in three Kiwis will become disabled for six months or more before the age of 65”
“Females between 30 & 64 have a one in four chance of suffering a critical illness”
“Two in five males over 30 will suffer a critical illness before they reach 65″

Compelling Reasons for You & Your Family to have Life Risk Insurance

In the event that something goes wrong we depend on income in order to survive. It can also help us to recover from our grief, loss, or illness faster so we might carry on with our life goals and personal development. How would your enjoyment of life and your future outlook be affected if you suddenly became unwell?

Insurance is a backstop which allows you to achieve a high quality of life in most situations and do the things you were planning on doing.

Insurance gives you the financial security to focus on recovering from a serious illness without the stress of a poor financial situation. How important is a positive attitude in health recovery?

Insurance supports your wealth creation strategies and is a legitimate debt protection expense in the accumulation of assets which will fund your retirement and passive income goals.

Insurance provides business capital and security which will fund the replacement of key people in the business, as well as the loss of profits which may arise from the absence of key personnel. It can also improve the likelihood of a temporary business loan to get you through the unexpected interruption.

Insurance provides cash for necessary medical procedures, specialists, tests, hospital stays and special treatments for the whole family. In these days of hospital and treatment waiting lists you can have greater control of your access to health care.

Three Key Areas to Cover.

    1. Continuation of Income Requirements

If you are unable to work due to sickness or accident. Additional regular medical and household costs. So you can remain at home to support a sick spouse and the welfare of your children. For career recovery following a long illness. To provide family with the financial ability to re-adjust or to grieve. In the event of death, to maintain the quality of life for your surviving family.

    1. Repayment of Debt Lump sum medical bills.

Changes to home and vehicles. Funeral expenses. Mortgages/Loans. Business Debt.

    1. Funding of Retirement A Freehold Home.

Enough funds to maintain a suitable lifestyle We have relationships with the top ranked insurance companies in New Zealand. We will choose the best provider for your individual needs. Goodlife will prepare a comprehensive insurance risk analysis report and present a choice of solutions to show how to have peace of mind and adequate protection. This will be affordable and within your budget.

What is General Asset Insurance?

Protection for all of your major personal and business assets. These possessions can be the assets of a business, your family home, your furniture, clothing, valuables, your investment property, your motor vehicles, your leisure assets, and your travel possessions. The value of your assets should be based on the cost of replacement at today’s values. Some assets are depreciating or losing value, some assets are increasing in value. Over insuring and under insuring assets can cost consumers unnecessary expense and provide insurance companies with an excess of profit. Contact us if you need insurance, we’ll make sure this doesn’t happen to you!

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