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Unfortunately most employees investing into KiwiSaver land on a default scheme and a default fund. Here at Goodlife, we believe that’s not good enough! KiwiSaver is a serious investment that should be done right. Everybody’s circumstances are different, hence, your KiwiSaver solution should be laser-targeted to your unique needs. We’re qualified to help you find the right KiwiSaver provider and the right spread of asset allocation. Call us or email us and we can get you set up quick smart! The Government will pay 50 cents for every dollar of member contribution annually up to a maximum payment of $521.43. This means that you must contribute $1,042.86 annually to qualify for the maximum payment of $521.43. Employers are also legally obligated to contribute 3% of your income or higher. That’s FREE money! Act now!


We work with many employers that trust Goodlife to manage their KiwiSaver administration. We can answer employee’s questions, deal with admin work, and even provide real time account information. We look forward to working alongside you to bring KiwiSaver to your company. We also offer free educational seminars for your workforce on topics like mortgage reduction, how to build a retirement nest-egg, insurance, and estate planning. There truly is no better way to show you care about your employee’s futures.

KiwiSaver for Your Children

As soon as your little one has an IRD number, they should be into a KiwiSaver plan! With the potential credit of $520 per year from the Government (over 18 years of age), it’s a ‘no-brainer’ to sign your children up for KiwiSaver. If they’re younger than 18, they don’t have to contribute. And the beauty of starting KiwiSaver at a young age is compounding interest! You would be amazed how those extra years of investing will set up your young ones for retirement. What’s more, they can use any contributions they’ve deposited as a down-payment for a house when they’re old enough. Signing your children up to KiwiSaver really is a must. We’re here to answer any questions you might have.

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