Saving for Retirement? Will You Actually to be Healthy Enough to Enjoy It!?

It’s a noble thing to have saved enough of a nest-egg

It’s a noble thing to have saved enough of a nest-egg so that you no longer have to rely on the government or your employer for your income. Only 4% of Kiwis are in that category – and we at Goodlife want to make that percentage grow! So, if you’re doing something about saving for retirement, reach your hand out, bend over, and pat yourself on the back!

What lead me to post this blog update is what a client said to me couple of weeks ago:

“Daniel – the men in my family don’t live past 60. So, if we’re going to have a plan, I don’t want this taking away from the time I need to spend with my family”.

Needless to say, he became a client and emailed me to say thanks for how smooth the process is…..But…..This got me thinking……

I was at a Tony Robbins event a few weekends ago in Sydney, Australia. I went to that event for multiple reasons – One of which was how to improve and grow the Goodlife business. I must admit, that bolt of lightning I was expecting, didn’t come. Well – Let’s just say, it didn’t come while I was at the event – It came after it!!! LIKE A BOLT OF LIGHTNING!

So – Here it is….. It’s all very well creating a nest-egg to fund your retirement, but if you’re not healthy and fit, how are you going to enjoy it – or – are you even going to be there!!!

First things first though – I’m not a fitness buff, I’m not a personal trainer, and I’m not a nutritionist. So, I’m definitely not qualified to be giving my clients fitness advice. But, I am qualified to let you how I’ve been feeling since this event because I’ve drastically changed my diet and fitness regimen. I can also tell you that for years I’ve been studying up on what impact diet has on us due to my experiences with my family’s multiple brushes with cancer.

Look, I’m not here to be preachy – But I really want my clients to be thinking more about their long term health. If this is something that rings true for you, you’ll know what needs to be changed in your life. Make a pact with yourself to make those changes today – Not tomorrow – Tomorrow never comes.

Wouldn’t it be great to create a client base of not only materially wealthy clients – but physically wealthy too!