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We help everyone succeed with their financial goals, from families, couples, through to single people.
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From the Residential Property Investment Blog

That’s a good question – and one I hope as many people as possible answer for themselves ASAP. Will this decade be the decade you become financially independent? What better way to catapult yourself there than through the best performing investment asset out there: Property. When we meet people for the first time, we take […]

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So – What’s in store for us in 2014? You get that feeling that Kiwis are ready to mount wings and fly finally right? Or is it just me? This year just has that great feeling about it, and I for one am really looking forward to what’s going to pan out on the financial […]

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It’s a noble thing to have saved enough of a nest-egg It’s a noble thing to have saved enough of a nest-egg so that you no longer have to rely on the government or your employer for your income. Only 4% of Kiwis are in that category – and we at Goodlife want to make […]

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